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ILVOELV Interviews: Pippa Cunningham

Pippa Cunningham - ILVOELV

Ever wondered who’s the genius behind the prints used in Louis Vuitton’s stunning and playful pieces like the Galliera Riviera from Cruise 2009, St. Tropez Carrés, and most recently, the Ailleurs Beach Collection? Wonder no more.

Pippa Cunningham is a painter based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. Working en plain air, her art features a theme of travel with bright vibrant colors. Looking at her work, you’ll definitely feel the warm summery vibe, the sense of fluidity and movement, and the urge to book a vacation to the Caribbean. Pippa is definitely one of my favorite contemporary artists. I’m such a big fan!

Luckily, I was able to ask her a few questions. Here’s my short interview with Pippa Cunningham.

Bengt: How long have you had a passion for art?

Pippa: One of my first memories is of standing by the sink at nursery school, fascinated by the colours merging together with the water while washing my paints tray.

B: What made you realise that art was your calling?

P: I never wanted to do anything else. I love working in different fields of art and design, but most especially fashion and textiles.

B: How did you find the experience collaboration with Louis Vuitton?

P: It is always a total pleasure working with Louis Vuitton, they are a brilliant team and I find it very exciting to work with them.

B: What places did you base your paintings from? The beach, the jungle, and the promenade?

P: The paintings were made in Miami last January, one on the grass by Ocean Drive, the other of Miami beach from my hotel room balcony. My favorite thing in the world is to paint from high up looking down on great places. Miami is a fantastic place to paint , the colours and light are beautiful there. For the jungle painting I went to Kampong Gardens and Miami Zoo where did lots of little paintings. The final jungle piece was finished in my studio in Brighton.

B: Where you given a free range or were you given a subject matter with Louis Vuitton?

P: I had a brief from Louis Vuitton that I followed, which I find works really well as it helps me to focus. I am very proud of the products that I have contributed to with Louis Vuitton.

B: What is your own personal favourite artwork that you have created?

P: Painting the Dancers at the Lido in Paris in the dark. They’re pretty fast movers!

B: If you could meet any artist (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you ask them?

P: Matisse. I would be speechless if I met him, I think he was incredible.

Learn more about Pippa Cunningham’s latest collaboration with Louis Vuitton: the Ailleurs Collection. Also, visit Pippa’s website: http://www.pippacunningham.co.uk/ and check out her other projects.

Images via Louis Vuitton, Pippa Cunningham


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    Great interview Bengt. That was very entertaining and informative. I’m also a big fan and lvoe her work.

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    Nice interview!!!