Louis Vuitton Cruise 2012 Collection

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2012 Collection

Yesterday June 8th, Louis Vuitton presented their Cruise 2012 collection at the Four Seasons (New York City) pool which was lined with a real grass runway. The whimsical Parisienne-inspired collection was the result between the collaboration of Louis Vuitton design director Julie de Libran, and the amazing Sofia Coppola. The clothes has this distinct Sofia Coppola feel to them, I’m sure every piece of is already in her closet. As for the accessories… OMG they are amazing! The bags! The jewelry! The Stephen Sprouse Leopard caps! The gladiator ‘ribbon’ sandals! And the helmets! Lots of good stuff to look forward to!

Read Style.com’s review and check out the complete collection below:

Louis Vuitton went all-out for its Resort presentation this morning, and there was a good reason. Sofia Coppola, a longtime friend of Marc Jacobs (she said she’s known him for nearly 20 years when she gave him his Lifetime Achievement Award at Monday night’s CFDA festivities), collaborated with Vuitton design director Julie de Libran on the line. “Julie and I are friends,” the Somewhere director said after the show. “We like the same things, jewelry, little dresses. I chimed in with things that I wanted to have, and she was open to that.”

There were plenty of baubles and frocks in this whimsical collection, which was as unlike LV’s fetish-inspired Fall outing as can be, and, it probably goes without saying, a good deal more wearable because of it. LV pendants dangled from long gold chains; big, bejeweled cuffs accessorized both wrists; and heart earrings dangled from lobes. As for dresses, the mood was Parisienne, très Parisienne—see the white and red Eiffel Tower-print shift. Prints, in fact, were one of the show’s big stories; the best was a Stephen Sprouse-style graffiti motif that decorated a pajama set and its coordinating helmet. No word on whether Vuitton is making the Vespa to match, but we bet Coppola could have it arranged if she likes.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • jesse

    omg i can’t beleive they are bringing back the mong perfo!!!.
    i am digging that messagner bag samuru is on my list love the fact that the pipping matches the color of the perfo this time, i have the perfo green wallet from last release back in 2006. and i am loving the SC bag in teal..