Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear Collection – Accessories

For Spring/Summer 2012, the notion of the Louis Vuitton bag and luggage is a key theme throughout the entire collection and roots the overall approach to a sense of the Maison legacy. Accessories are frequently evolved from bag archival details and materials this season. VVN leather, the traditional trim for Monogram luggage, provides a particular accent that runs throughout as strapping detailing on outerwear, in the distinctive flat-pac sandals and on many of the new “mix and match” belts. Wooden marquetry elements – another feature from the wider legacy of Louis Vuitton – also make an appearance in accessories.

This season sees the debut of a number of new, distinctive bag styles for men including the Champs Elysees quilted rucksacks and weekend bags. But at the heart of this season is the new Nomade leather, softer and revisited in a rich palette of olive green, burgundy and tobacco. Eponymous of the legendary savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton, this season its simple and classic construction in a variety of styles points to the spirit of the house and punctuates this collection throughout. It also features the most traditional and the most personal of all the logos in the classic “V”. It originally came from the steamer bag of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, one of the Maison’s very own iconic world travellers.

Photos on the gallery below. More at ILVOELV’s Facebook Page.

Images via Louis Vuitton / Mazen Saggar


  • Macassar

    The quilted monogram in blue is awesome! Anyone notice those awfully colorful sandals? CRAZY!