Louis Vuitton To Create Their First Fragrance

According to industry sources, Louis Vuitton has tapped perfumer Jacques Cavalier-Belletrud to create its first-ever fragrance. Cavalier has worked with various fashion houses in the past, among them are Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Nina Ricci and more.

How would the Louis Vuitton fragrance smell like? Any guesses?


  • Edna

    I think it would smell like leather or something.

  • LVMode

    ROSES, Sprouse Roses!!

  • LVMode

    It will smell like ROSES, Sprouse Roses!!

  • Heidi

    ..such disappointment.. I was hopeful Louis Vuitton wouldn’t go into that segment.. Such a fast market that usually works to grab the last dollar out of the general public. As long as they don’t start producing make up too, I’ll keep positive. I still love their amazing bags and clothes.

  • Mikael Jack

    It’s not their first fragrance.

  • Filippo Giovacchini

    Leather scent!

  • oh nooo!!! please not! it would be ok, if the perfume could be only sold in LV stores and nowhere else! I really agree to Heidi.

  • keli

    i don t like the idea at all.. i agree 100% to heidi and mangoblute.. something like that would downgrate the famous brand of luxary leather prodacts..

  • keli


  • Is that the bottle???

    • No it isn’t. It’s just my representation of a ‘perfume’. 🙂

  • Lily Agnes Nofx

    I want it!!!!

  • Gina Nixon

    Chanel has many fragrances and it hasn’t brought down their name, or their prices. I think LV making a perfume is an excellent idea! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Yulia

    I was waiting for this for a long time, there is nothing better than a perfume from a brand you love. I hope it won’t be pathetic: Roses. Jasmin. Patchouli. Make-up? Really? If it’s organic and super luxury – I want it. Just imagine how compact powder will look like in mini monogram…

  • MisMe

    I’ve been waiting so long for this.
    Why shouldn’t LV produce a perfume?!
    What would be better than wearing the scent of the brand you love the most??
    I’m really excited!!! 🙂