Louis Vuitton Cruise 2012 Collection

Sofia Coppola has been a friend of Marc Jacobs for many years. Through him she has created strong relationships, as well as close affinities with Louis Vuitton, its team, and in particular with Marc’s creative studio. For the Los Angeles premiere of her most recent film “Somewhere” last December, Sofia naturally turned to Louis Vuitton with the wish to interpret a Louis Vuitton silhouette. The first piece, a dress with stripes and sequins, specially created for Sofia by the studio design director, Julie de Libran, sealed a pact – a pact between girls. Thus, what started as a simple conversation, led to further discussions, which paved the way to a new adventure; Sofia then became the muse. She brought her ideas and desires and the studio was constantly inspired by her while creating the 2012 Cruise Collection.

European iconography and the Parisian experience are evident in Sofia’s style. Scenes of the famous Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter, home to intellectuals and writers, and its Drugstore, the famous meeting point of young girls on their Vespas, their hair blowing in the wind and eyeliner emphasizing their doe eyes, have influenced their designs.

The Louis Vuitton woman is a woman of the world. She is free spirited and does what she enjoys. She is feminine, sophisticated and deceptively sassy, with a simple, yet deliberate elegance. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s cinema in Paris, the studio remained true to the era and created an almost naive style; falsely retro, with an air of a young girl, not quite a woman, and slightly rebellious. She is still a student, not so serious in her tweed outfit and silk blouse with small colored hearts and a printed Paris souvenir motif.

Sofia’s strength lies in her effortlessly chic style. As an established artist and a mother of two, she is the author of cult filmography and an American director. For this Cruise Collection, she perfectly embodies the Vuitton woman tinted with a tough of neo-nostalgia, though far from any retro obsession, portraying with a distant grace, a certain French spirit.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Teddy

    Well, this cruise collection seems like already old as I have seen this on blog months ago….to me nothing new and sadly no excitement at all…feels like looking at archive catalogue from the past collection. Cheers.