Louis Vuitton Savoir Faire – Atelier des Malles

A dream. An Icon. A masterpiece. Each Louis Vuitton product is the embodiment of uncompromising quality and exceptional craftsmanship. From the famous Monogram pattern to the astonishing Louis Vuitton diamond cut, the Maison enchants the world with its unique creations since 1854. Today, Louis Vuitton takes you to a journey through a world of luxury, inventiveness and excellence: the world of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire.

Seven crafts performed by hands outlined by daylight. They stitch the skin of a Speedy bag with beeswax-coated yarn, hollow a pea jacket at the waistcoat, sheath the trunk case of a Wardrobe with a creaser, smooth a shoe upper to perfection, scour the contours of a Craquantes jewel, coat the arms of a pair of glasses, file the bevels of a Tambour movement.

Gestures speak. Instrument confer. Words are silent. Passion is revealed. Bruno Aveillan brings his artist’s eye to the House’s know-how, passing it on in turn, in his own way.

Atelier des Malles / Trunk Workshop

Bed-trunk, cabin trunk, caviar box, book-case trunk, garment bag. An art of travelling crystallised in a portable case, whose very essence comes down to a few millimeters, whose history is an endless row of stitches. Since 1854, when the House was founded, Louis Vuitton, trunk-maker extraordinaire, has been creating made-to measure baggage, designed around the object it will hold.

For more than 150 years, Louis Vuitton has offered its customers the opportunity to place a special order so as to satisfy a specific need or realize a dream.

The company offers two different types of special orders – Made-to-Order: the personalisation of an article from the permanent collection; Custom-Made: the creation of a unique piece that expresses both the imagination of the customer and the expertise of Louis Vuitton craftsmen.

The Asnières workshop designs and crafts around 450 special orders a year, each of which fulfils an unexpected request from a customer whilst respecting the spirit of travel. Patrick-Louis Vuitton, the fifth generation of the Louis Vuitton family and in charge of Special Orders, explains: ‘Our mission is to create luggage designed to transport our customer’s most precious belongings on their many journeys.’

Louis Vuitton Ateliers:
> Atelier des Malles / Trunk Workshop
> Atelier de Creation du Prêt-à-Porter / Ready-to-Wear Design Workshop
> Ateliers des Accessoires / Accessories Workshop
> Ateliers de Souliers / Shoes Workshop
> Atelier Horlogers / Watch Workshop
> Atelier Maroquinerie / Leather Goods Workshop
> Atelier de Haute Joaillerie / High Jewelry Workshop

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Dora

    Amazing Work ! Bravo Louis Vuitton + Bruno Aveillan !