Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall/Winter Textile Accessories

Collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Artist François Cadière

The Louis Vuitton collections are an endlessly renewed invitation to inimitable, faraway journeys. After last seasons’ adventures to Russia and Japan, the House sweeps us away to Berlin, inviting artist François Cadière to illustrate the lines with his unconventional eye. This photographer and master of handmade collages adds surrealist influences, an enchanting call to set off on an inner voyage.

It is far from coincidental that the unique city of Berlin serves as inspiration for the brand new Eden silk scarf. With hand-painted patterns and a border that weaves a spectacle of torn, superimposed posters, poetic Eden expresses the street-art influences of this fascinating capital.

The fresh breath of liberty has taken over the Textiles collection, for Louis Vuitton has suggestions on new ways to wear these designs. The scarves, stoles and shawls wander freely through our wardrobe and find novel fashion uses. They are tied into bows like jewels, rolled on the head, used to belt a coat, form a tagelmust or are delicately worked into a headband.

The silk scarf becomes more sophisticated this winter with a patchwork of patterns symbolising Louis Vuitton (the Leopard, hearts, the map print, the Monogram flowers, the geometrical Karakoram lines). Marc Jacobs adds two innovations that revolutionise the classic ways of wearing the Louis Vuitton scarf: a detachable bow, in the same pattern, for a look that’s all girl and, on a second scarf, two pompoms for a touch of modern exoticism!

On the Monogram shawl and Leopard stoles, all the season’s influences subtly come together for an arty, city-smart result. For the first time ever, the shawl is adorned with the Zebra print from the most recent Summer 2011 fashion show, brightened with explosive Pop colours. And the stoles are in the best-loved shades of Winter: deep navy blue and red, the subtle femininity of camel and pink, and glowing fuchsia with an unexpected khaki twist.

From Pop twist to travel poetry, Louis Vuitton’s Winter 2011-2012 is über-irresistible!


Images via Louis Vuitton


  • I love the LV monegram jacket

  • I like louis vuitton winter collection for women. Very unique collection from others. I like that stole.