The Women of the World Demand More Undies

A current report, which looked at shopping trends across the globe, concluded that underwear is one of the hottest clothing markets of the moment. Analyzing sales from 2010 to 2012, its figures suggested that a growing number of us – from Tokyo to Northampton – have decided that whatever the economy is doing, our lingerie collections are a key priority.

In February this year, supermodel Helena Christensen made a glamorous appearance in Dublin to launch a luxury range of Triumph underwear. The brand is among the many labels that have seen their sales grow in the last two years, while US favourite Victoria’s Secret is making moves this side of the Atlantic.

Who wears what?

According to the report, European ladies have been particularly enthusiastic lingerie buyers, with bodywear making up a massive 20% of all women’s clothing sales in France. In 2011, the big trends in Asia were fat-burning underwear and breast-reduction bras.

Key Styles

Non-wired bra. Great for when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, non-wired bras can also function as a more comfortable everyday style. And with the right fitting, they will offer just as much support as a bra with wiring.

Underwired bra. Many bras – especially those for larger chests – tend to be underwired. If opting for this style, check that the wire at the bottom of the cup and under the armpit is generously cushioned to prevent it digging in.

The body. Many women with fuller figures love the comfort of a soft fabric body. The top supports just as well as a regular bra, with the added benefit of no unflattering VPL where the bra ends or knickers begin.

3 tips for finding your perfect lingerie

•The perfect-fitting bra can transform an outfit, but our bodies change more than you might think. Check your size often with a professional fitting – especially if you have recently had a baby, gone through hormone therapy, or lost or put on weight.

•To avoid unsightly bulges across your back, choose a bra with a wider band that curves down rather than just cutting straight across.

• To make your bras last longer, hook the clasps together when washing, and pop them into a lingerie bag or small pillowcase.