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Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Minaudière Coquille D’oeuf

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 Leather Goods translate a light and airy spirit in soft shapes and sorbet shades. “We decided we wanted to do something very pretty, and very gentle, […]

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Objets Nomades

Over the years, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with famous artists, decorators and artisans of different times to create unique and innovative products. Objets Nomades is a project to continue this […]

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Special Order Tea Trunk

Tea and tea drinking play an important role in the daily life of Taiwanese people; it is also a valuable tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. To […]

Louis Vuitton 100 Legendary Trunks for iPad

Embark on an epic journey around the world and discover the secrets behind some of the most exquisite and unique trunks created by Louis Vuitton for explorers, magicians, movie stars, […]

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Made For Travel Collection

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison will be the first in Taiwan to host a “Travel Room” – an expert salon dedicated to travel luggage and accessories to demonstrate the House’s […]

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Haute Maroquinerie

VIC Salon Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison follows Sydney George Street Maison as the second in Asia to present Haute Maroquinerie collection, a sophisticated and high end personalized handbag service […]

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Tambour Disc Taipei

The inauguration of the new Maison at Taipei 101 not only carves an important milestone in Louis Vuitton’s journey in Taiwan, but also celebrates the House’s foundation of travel heritage, […]

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101: Opening Event

Screen’s International leading lady Maggie Cheung’s DJ debut, an exclusive dinner featuring 101 dignitaries, highly influential in Taiwan, and a gala party highlighted the inauguration of Louis Vuitton’s newest Maison […]