Louis Vuitton Cup 2012: Accessories

Whether sailing enthusiasts or simply attracted to a nautical style, men will be drawn to the highly comprehensive range of accessories designed to accompany them in their everyday life or their leisure. The inoculars with Carl Zeiss optical lenses recreate an outstanding image and brilliant colours. Two pairs of glasses complete the collection. The first model, rendered in carbon which is light and strong, is designed to adapt to the morphology of the individual thanks to a unique nose-hinge system of unparalleled comfort. The lenses are specially treated and are at once polarizing (to reduce dazzle), photochromic (to adjust shade according to luminosity), non-reflecting and oleophobic (anti-water marks or finger marks). The second model of glasses, easy to wear on all occasions, has a light and flexible plastic structure, while guaranteeing comfort thanks to its adjustable nose. On this model, the lenses are also treated so they are non-reflecting and oleophobic.

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Rubber Technical Binoculars

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Binoculars Case

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Sunglasses in Fiberglass and Titanium

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Challenge Black Sunglasses

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Challenge White Sunglasses

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Nylon Cap in Navy and Orange

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Belt in Navy and Gray

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Tie in Red and Navy

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Damier Beach Towel in Printed Microfiber Custom Pouch

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Russlush3

    That towel is justification enough to start a damier aqua line. Looks great, wish it came in coated canvas bags and accessories.

  • A andujar

    Where can I purchase the belt?? Please…

  • A andujar

    Where can I purchase the belt? Please.