Louis Vuitton Cup 2012: Leathergoods

The Louis Vuitton Cup leather goods collection is available in three lines with unusual technical specificities. Products in the LV Cup Waterproof line are completely waterproof, even when completely immersed in water. This achievement was made possible thanks to a new canvas which was developed from waterproof components and a “high frequency” welding process.

Bags in the LV Cup Damier Challenge line are particularly light and practical, which gives them a sporty, urban appeal. The waterproof canvas and zips protect the surface, in tandem with a stain repellent. Lastly, ingenuity reigns with the LV Cup Damier Adventure line. All the products in this line can be folded in over each other and tidied away in a case provided. This practicality allows travellers to slip them into another piece of luggage and unfold them as needed.

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Waterproof Keepall 55

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Waterproof Transit Backpack

Louis Vuitton LV Cup Damier Aventure Practical

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Matthew Dolechek

    I want the backpack NOW!

    • dimplesarah

      Love it!

  • Yen Chee Yoong

    Fabulous bags.