Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Minaudière Coquille D’oeuf

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 Leather Goods translate a light and airy spirit in soft shapes and sorbet shades. “We decided we wanted to do something very pretty, and very gentle, and very loving, and just fill it with pretty colors and beautiful light, luminous textures, things that were translucent and transparent. We wanted to define the body to create shapes, but have air and lightness and softness,” said Marc Jacobs backstage after his Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show for Louis Vuitton.

From all the bags this season, ultimate object of desire is this dainty minaudière, with its Monogram mosaic painstakingly hand-pieced together – with the assistance of the last man in Paris still in command of the 1920’s technique – for over 600 hours from 12,500 fragments of eggshell; a metaphor indeed for the care and craftsmanship lavished on this collection.

Here’s a wonderful quote by Marc Jacobs from the book Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs: “What I meant with that statement was that craft is what is most important to me right now,” he explains. It felt like the greatest thing we have done in terms of craftsmanship, and to me, it felt like the most important thing we have done at this moment right now. I felt it was the zenith of craft and luxury. It wasn’t diamonds or crocodile; it was taking an egg – and a hen’s egg at that, not one from a rarefied bird – and painstakingly elevating something mundane to an absolute peak.”¹

The delicate Minaudiere Coquille D’oeuf is priced at US$101,000. Luxury and craftsmanship at its best. Check out the video below.

Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Minaudiere Coquille D'oeuf

¹ Furniss, Jo-Ann (2012). “Marc Jacobs An American in Paris”, ch. 6, p. 122. Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs. Rizzoli.
Image via Louis Vuitton


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