Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Special Order Tea Trunk

Antique Louis Vuitton Picnic Trunk at Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison

Tea and tea drinking play an important role in the daily life of Taiwanese people; it is also a valuable tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. To pay respect to this unique local culture, 3 pieces of tea trunks in Epi rainbow colors (red, green, and orange) are specially created and designed by Patrick – Louis Vuitton in Asnieres, Paris. The tea trunks contain a customized Chinese tea set designed by Hsiao Fan Pottery Art. During the opening of the Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison, an antique tea trunk from the museum archives in Asnieres is also on display showing timeless creativity.

Antique Louis Vuitton Tea Trunk

The archives of the House of Vuitton bear witness to the pronounced taste of the Maharajahs for the world of automobiles. Keen enthusiasts of luxury English cars, they ordered numerous items of luggage from Louis Vuitton specially designed for their travels. The car trunk, the driver’s bag and the Excelski trunk are all classics that they adopted and adapted to their taste for grandeur.

Picnic trunks are among the objects most highly prized by Indian clientele. Whether – as here – made of Vuittonite, a material resistant to all inclement weather that can be placed on a vehicle’s running board, or made of delicate natural cowhide leather, these trunks can be fitted out according to each customer’s wishes. Often, the contents are a subtle collection of fine materials: silver, crystal, fine porcelain, tortoiseshell, horn, ivory, etc. Thus even an impromptu lunch on one’s travels becomes a delight worthy of the greatest of princes.

Images via Louis Vuitton