Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison: Made For Travel Collection

Louis Vuitton Taipei 101 Maison will be the first in Taiwan to host a “Travel Room” – an expert salon dedicated to travel luggage and accessories to demonstrate the House’s travel heritage and its vision to transform every travel experience into a personal journey – it is natural to find Made For Travel collection, a new men’s product family combining travel spirit, innovative materials, comfort, practicality and technology for modern travelers.

Be it cruiser jacket, windcheater, thermo gilet, trousers, jeans, shirt or T-shirt, these functional, free fit, ultra comfortable travel apparels are easy to match and packed, with its thermo control, lightweight, high-tech, protective fabrics with water and stain resistant treatments, perfecting them for the free-spirited adventurers, any time, any season. As the name of the collection suggest, this collection is made for travel that guarantees a maximum level of durability and quality.

Images via Louis Vuitton