Louis Vuitton Tambour Tourbillon

Louis Vuitton has launched a remarkable Tourbillon, the ultimate in precision and preciousness, for the happy few who can customize it beyond what it is generally possible to do.

Traveling, as one knows, has led the House of Louis Vuitton, from the shores of luggage to the sources of time. From these sources, today has sprung a superb version of the Tambour watch: Tourbillon, magical and crystalline, unique and fascinating which brings about a child-like wonder from those which nothing seems to surprise.

The Tambour watch was both strong and to the point. Tambour Tourbillon watch pushes the expertise and the achievement even further, an exclusive Louis Vuitton work of art where both the technical and precious aspects overlap with a clockwork precision. Let us make a quick reminder that Tourbillon, invented to counter the influence of gravity, at a time when watches rarely came out of pockets, is now considered as the purest exercise in style, the ultimate conse- cration of an amazing know-how. Very few watchmakers around the world dare to venture in this area; very few have spent months and years just to pinpoint the specific value of a second.

So clear and delicately complex, the Tambour Tourbillon watch allows the gaze to pass through and suddenly captures it: the dial disappears, the inside dissolves and a sapphire plate reveals the heart of a unique piece, shining light on a thousand details which are refined, luxurious and magical. The mainstay of the components of the movement pieces are in gold, matching the color of the case; others, in order to ensure greater resistance, are in satin-brushed metal.

  • The wheels and the carriage of the tourbillon bring to mind the Monogram whose four pointy or rounded petals have decorated thousands of trunks all around the world.
  • The hands are in gold, a gold which is actually hollow, to tell the truth.
  • The lacquered yellow of the second hand is the same as one finds in the “Louis Vuitton stitching”. It is the combination of legend over time.
  • The inside of the case is polished like a mirror, a circular horizon where the gaze looses itself, trying its best to follow this meticulous course with tiny movements.
  • To sustain some pieces, a sapphire bridge with an engraved flower and to sustain the middle wheel, a golden bridge with diamonds. To pass from one minute to the other, never has a bridge been so beautiful.
  • On the case, the twelve letters LOUISVUITTON, engraved in gold, mark the most refined hours that one might imagine. And the octagonal winder is set with a precious stone.
  • The strap of a Tambour Tourbillon watch is in galuchat, a finely abraded stingray skin with thousands of softened grains which encourage touching and playing with light.

Creating a Tambour Tourbillon watch, does not only entail manufacturing one of the most precious watches of all times, it also lets each owner create his own model. The future owner of a Tambour Tourbillon watch will begin by choosing the gold from which Tourbillon will be born… A discrete and delicate pink, a bright and shiny yellow like the metal one finds on the trunks, or then a classical pure white. Then, he can choose the stingray strap from a palette of nuances.

At this point, he will have to decide on the most spectacular part, that is to say the shape of the middle wheel bridge. This little piece, in its original version, is in the LV shape, the brand’s initials in gold, set with diamonds. These diamonds can be replaced by other precious coloured stones. But the piece itself can also change shape. Thus, the initials of the owner will shape the bridge of the middle wheel, making this watch completely unique. To this day, no watch has ever pushed personalization so far.

Next, the customer can choose, amongst all the leathers and fabrics of the House, the one which will dress up the Louis Vuitton trunk-case, the jewelry box in which the watch will be delivered. Last but not least, remember to decide on the inside crest bearing the individual Tourbillon watch name and number.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Tourbillon White GoldTambour Tourbillon Watch in 18K White Gold, Black Alligator Strap with LV 103 calibre mechanical movement

Louis Vuitton Tambour Tourbillon technical details:

  • Tambour large (41.5mm)
  • 18 karat yellow, white and pink gold case
  • Skeleton watch
  • Brown, blue, or khaki stingray strap
  • 100m waterproof
  • Sapphire glass with reflection proof coating
  • Tourbillon function
  • Mechanical movement LV 103 calibre
  • Power reserve of 90h

Images via Mitchell Feinberg / Louis Vuitton


  • matthew

    oh my god reading this made me drool a bit. such a beautiful watch! and I’m not usually a fan of LV watches either!

  • pinks parang ganio lv mo no yellow lang cya

  • Yulchik

    This LV watch is the most fascinating little beast…

  • Kean K. Taylor

    I was given a watch that looks almost the same as this with a few little diffrences could anyone give me there email so i could mail them a picture so they could tell me if it is legit and not a replica please thanks my wmail is keankennedytaylor21@hotmail.com