Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013

The new collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides is being released on 15 October, touching down in totally unprecedented cities. San Francisco is making its first appearance in an individual volume, while Paris, New York and Tokyo are returning to centre stage in an entirely revisited form. Alongside Budapest, London and Marseille, the indispensable European City box set is adding four new destinations to its map: Yekaterinburg, Kitzbühel, Lugano and Verona.

As adventure can be found on any street corner in any city – whether a financial capital or a culturally rich town – Louis Vuitton shares its passion for travel and city life in the pages of its City Guide series, whose thousands of addresses have been revealing the soul of cities since 1998. The Louis Vuitton City Guide draws upon the talents of a team of journalists and writers, who provide an attentive, informed commentary on the changes shaking the heart of cities and offer objective views on fashion, design, the arts and gastronomy.

Highlighting the latest trends and offering unique advice, the regularly updated contents of each guide are aimed at laid-back travellers, business travellers and the residents themselves of the cities being explored. The collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides provides the traveller with an original view of the 40 cities and 10,000 addresses, combining traditional and new values, traditional and extravagant locations whether known, unknown or out of the ordinary, as long as they best express the essence of each city.

Luxury hotels and charming guesthouses; gourmet restaurants and local bistros; street markets and fine food stores; antiquarians and designers; museums and fashion stores, essential or secret monuments… The Louis Vuitton City Guides offer the traveller an insider’s guide into these cities. Practical and unique, each City Guide includes one or more soft-back booklets that you can take with you wherever you go, moving from city to city as the mood takes you.

The new collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides will be on sale starting 15 October 2012 in Louis Vuitton stores, on louisvuitton.com and in a selection of French bookshops.

Learn more about the cities in this new collection:
• New York
San Francisco
• Paris

Image via Philippe Jumin / Louis Vuitton


  • I’m afraid I’m going to get lost with these! They are also perfect for a gift. Very nice site!