Louis Vuitton Now and Then: 1 rue Scribe

The shop rue Scribe marks a turning point in the development of Louis Vuitton as an international brand. While the 1850’s and 1960’s where characterized by the invention of the modern luggage, the 1870’s saw the company blossom anew with the introduction of the luxury luggage.

The emblematic store opened its doors in 1871 at the highly fashionable 1 rue Scribe, in the middle of what was called at that time the “new Paris”. Louis Vuitton decided to devote two of the store’s wings to travel goods and one wing to luggage. Just across from the prestigious Grand Hotel, rue Scribe was a very interesting location at that time. This was a destination cherished by the elite international travelers and you could find right around the corner, the new Place de l’Opera, where a certain Charles Garnier was building what was to become one of the most famous opera house in the world. This new district epitomized modernism and Louis Vuitton was no exception.

Image / Video via Louis Vuitton