Louis Vuitton The Birth of Modern Luxury: Updated Edition

In November 2012, Louis Vuitton and Les Éditions de La Martinière are set to publish an updated edition of the book Louis Vuitton, The Birth of Modern Luxury, which was released in October 2005. Available in a limited edition exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores, this elegant volume traces the history of the Maison, from its creation in 1854 to the present day. The exhaustive account offers unique insight into the developments and inventions of the brand which turned travel into an “art de vivre”.

How did Louis Vuitton, which created the first modern luggage in 1854, become today’s global benchmark for luxury? This book with nearly 800 illustrations and original testimonials traces the irresistible and compelling rise of the world’s leading luxury brand. It details the evolution of a company that has always been in step with even ahead of its time, a legendary history that spans more than 150 years. In the mid-nineteenth century Louis Vuitton, the company’s founder, designed a revolutionary trunk. With a flat poplar frame covered in waterproof canvas, Vuitton’s trunk was elegant, functional, and light-weight. It was ideally suited to the new means of transport. Ine one stroke it made all previous trunks obsolete, and its success was instantaneous. As society’s elite discovered the new art of travel following the lead of the French Empress Eugénie and other monarchs, head of state, explorers, artists, and magnates the LV monogram appeared on the great ocean liners, in the Gobi Desert, and in the world’s grandest hotels. With Louis Vuitton, travel had acquired a soul.

Driven by impeccable craftsmanship and infinite creativity, the company thrived through the years, even when venturing beyond the frontiers of its traditional territory. In 1997 it expanded into fashion, and once again its success was spectacular.

From the masterpieces by Louis, Georges, Gaston-Louis Vuitton and their successors, to the current designs inspired by artistic director Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton has never ceased to surprise and enchant, and to redefine luxury.

The ten chapters have been updated so the reader is immersed deep into the heart of the brand: whether through an account of its founder’s background or by revisiting the know-how, fashion, advertising, architecture and collaboration of Louis Vuitton with the world of art, sport and culture. This edition shows that beyond all of its revolutions, the Maison has never stopped writing its own history.

Book Specifications:

Release: November 2012
Format: 24 x 31cm
560 pages
This updated edition includes over 800 visuals
revealing the latest advertising campaigns, the
latest fashion shows and the most recent important
partnerships between Louis Vuitton and international

Limited edition presented in a box set and available in 6 languages:
French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
On sale exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores and on louisvuitton.com
Retail price: €140 or approx US$190

French version published with Les Éditions de La Martinière
English version published with Abrams
Spanish version published with El Viso
Japanese version published with Kawade Shobo

Images via Louis Vuitton