Stephen Sprouse in Leopard

In celebration of this season’s Sprouse print, White Lodge director Anita Fontaine pays tribute to the artist by re-imagining his avant-garde vision.

In Fontaine’s short film, background images are brought to life using a unique process that incorporates photocopying, TV static, VHS footage and painting on existing images, all inspired by the creative practices Sprouse himself used.

Highlighted in the film are pieces from the print’s origins in 2006 to the current season’s ready to wear Icons and Prefall Collections, all accompanied by this season’s Leopard Sprouse accessories.

More on the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Collaboration

In 2000, Artistic Director Marc Jacobs collaborated with artist and designer Stephen Sprouse to reinvent Louis Vuitton’s 2001 Spring / Summer Collection. Stephen Sprouse was a post-punk, pre- grunge artist and designer known for his Day-glo and graffiti printed fashions of the 80s.

Jacobs had called on Sprouse to work together on creating “something cool, something contemporary.” Sprouse had been known to create artwork from a copy machine, replicating and distorting images with a strong color palette and vibrant energy. Sprouse is rumoured to have come up with the idea to digitize rose prints after coming to Paris at Jacobs’ request and staring at the static of a television screen in his hotel room.

After the success of the Graffiti and Rose prints, Sprouse was asked to return to the House for a new collaboration stemming from his original leopard print. The collaboration was revealed post-mortem in 2006, as a tribute to the respected artist, and has recurred in Louis Vuitton Sprouse accessories collections ever since.

Images via Louis Vuitton