Louis Vuitton Cruise 2013 Collection

Like Catherine Deneuve tanned and bleach blonde in Le Sauvage, more elegantly well-groomed in Indochine or the Marilyn of Mississippi Mermaid, the Vuitton girl from Louis Vuitton’s 2013 Cruise collection is a luxurious and nonchalant woman. She crosses all the meridians of the globe in the style of an urban or exotic traveller. White forms the basis of her wardrobe, enlivened with burnt, warm shades of scorched brown and gold mixed with feminine touches of pink, lavender, sky blue or deeply pigmented indigo. Strong graphics express a geometry reminiscent of Vasarely or David Hick’s kinetic motifs yet avoid any retro sixties references. Like a 3D print, eyelet embroidery is crafted in XXL, re-embroidered with sequins. the easy-going silhouette places less emphasis on the waist, calf-length or unreservedly full-length skirts for daytime sit on the hips. True to the spirit of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, layering creates a composite yet harmonious look despite the contrasting proportions. Little cropped trousers are slipped under dresses. Wider and longer, they morph into flowing Bermudas before becoming loose-fitting and supple culottes. Jacquard micro-shorts with matching jacket form a new summer suit. The sleeveless jacket and boat-neck tunic add to the collection’s leitmotif: rich and sophisticated combinations of layers. Occasional flashes of brown sequins add a dose of glitter to this fresh wardrobe for the tropical asphalt.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • matthew

    Beautiful! Cruise collections are always my favourite 😀