Louis Vuitton Holiday 2012 Catalogue

Life is a journey embellished with chance encounters and charming coincidences. Unchartered territories and unexplored horizons lie ahead. In which direction will you go in 2013? To a new challenge? To reignite a past love? Or will you embark on an entirely new adventure? Louis Vuitton offers to send along a lucky talisman. A little secret something that will charm a smile from Lady Luck: a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover a wishbone, or a lucky number…

Horseshoes… Iron protects horses’ hooves from the perils of a long journey. No wonder then that horseshoes are believed to protect us from harm and misfortune, bringing eternal good luck.

Four-leaf clovers… It is said that three-leaf clover represents three human virtues. A fourth leaf holds even more. It offers a one-in-a-million chance. A granted wish. Even a journey beyond one’s wildest hopes.

Wishbones… Near the wings of a bird sits a thin bone shaped like a Y. Snap a wishbone in half, and legend says that anyone holding the longer piece will have his fortune fulfilled. A wish for a new life, an old love, happiness, maybe even a voyage to the stars…

Lucky numbers… Across civilizations, cultures and generations, specific numbers have represented different meanings. To some, one number may promise more than another. The number 9 represents progress in Thailand. Chinese fortune famously relies on the number 8 for good luck. Meanwhile, across the globe, a lucky number 7 could represent the winning ticket of one’s dreams.

Just make a wish and this holiday season might just be a lucky one.

Images via Toby McFarlan Pond / Louis Vuitton