Painting With Ribbons

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s Small Leather Goods, now offers the Mon Monogram personalization service for small leather goods along.

Featuring real ribbons, movements and textures, this festive, elegant and playful film by Christian Borstlap applauds all the shapes and sizes of Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Small Leather Goods collection in a fabulous ode to diversity and colourful.

Rolling out ribbons like paint on a canvas, colours are brought to life in a cheerful and sophisticated way, as if we were tying a ribbon around one’s Louis Vuitton personalised wallet or desk diary. The ribbons sweetness and elegance perfectly contrast showing us fires alight, carnivorous plants, and other magic tricks.

With the possibility to add colour choices and initials, one is given the great opportunity to take part in the creative process and design of personalised Louis Vuitton products and to choose the right combination among this enchanting sea of ribbons.

Images via Louis Vuitton