Taxi Encounters: London

To what point do taxi cabs reflect the cities they frequent? Sometimes our first encounter or impression of the city itself, the journey from station or airport in a taxi is a defining moment. Yellow cabs in New York, the Venice taxi boats, customized taxi exteriors in India or the famous Tuk Tuks of Thailand. The taxis of a city are a culturally characterizing feature and an intrinsic part of the travel experience.

The Taxi Encounters series opens with perhaps the most sophisticated taxis in the world, the London ‘black cabs’. Trickling through the streets of London, as much a part of the city as the Thames itself, the London hackney carriages epitomize staunch English elegance. The innate luxury of the London black cabs is undeniable. The drivers possess an irrefutable knowledge of every street, they have the map of London in their mind’s eye and belong to the city as much as the very streets they haunt. High ceilings, leather upholstery, stately interiors and a turning circle of just 8 meters, luxury is in the details. The air is filled with memories, the hint of a journey, the passage of time and people, encounters made, encounters missed, an encounter with the streets themselves. This is the beating heart of the city, this is London itself.

Video via Louis Vuitton