Taxi Encounters: Venice

To what extent do taxis reflect the cities they frequent? Venice is ‘the city of water’ or ‘the floating city’ and is elucidated by its waterways. Shaped by 177 canals with 407 bridges, its streets are paved with water. All transport is by boat or by foot thus refining the pace and rhythm of the city. Like the original lagoon dwellers or incolae lacunae, the very first fishermen inhabitants of the islands of Venice, the taxi boat drivers of the city live and breathe water.

Water is ubiquitous in Venice. In addition to the waterways, it rains almost one hundred times a year. Here the tap water even has a special name, called ‘aqua veritas’ and comes from the name region as one of Italy’s most popular bottled waters, San Benedetto. It is widely drunk by Venetians with the additional purpose of decreasing wastage of plastic bottles. Water is the life source of the city and how people make their living, how encounters are made and ultimately how Venetians define themselves.

Video via Louis Vuitton