Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades

Continually seeking innovation while safeguarding traditions, the House asked a selection of contemporary designers, both established and upcoming, to create a series of objects connected to travel. The idea behind the collection is to produce limited edition foldable and modular furniture, or other portable accessories which facilitate the life of modern travelers.

Building strong collaborations with contemporary designers is an on-going and deeply rooted tradition at Louis Vuitton. Gaston-Louis for example was involved with the cutting edge of his time in Art Nouveau and, later on, with Art Décoratifs, initiating collaborations with the great artists of the early 20th century, including Legrain, Puiforcat, Conversat or Lalique.

Louis Vuitton thus reconnects with its founding purpose as an adventurer in service of creative design. From the origami-like foldable stools created by Atelier Oïd to the modernized version of the wardrobe reinvented here by the talented Campana brothers with their Maracatu series, we have a full scope of clever, useful and luxurious products to fulfill your most elaborate travel needs.

Constantly renewed and enriched, the Objets Nomades collection perpetuates, with the House’s inimitable worldly ingenuity, the art of travel the trunk-maker has always sought to recreate into a fine art of living.

Discover the first part of this collection on December 4th during Miami Design week, part of Miami Art Basel art fair.

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Video via Louis Vuitton