Louis Vuitton: Small Is Beautiful

Girls about town, take note: small is the new big. Tired of toting your entire life around in a humongous holdall? Then it’s time to downsize and minimize. Get ready to experience an unbelievable lightness of being…

Louis Vuitton’s mini icons dare you to ditch everything you don’t need, but welcome all you do – keys, smartphone, wallet, lipstick – and still leave room for more! A concentrate of the Art Deco elegance of the 1934 original, the Alma BB is a lightweight and ladylike companion from day to night. The all-new Monceau BB – a mini replica of the 1986 classic – has the nostalgic appeal of a satchel, but is strictly for girls who’ve finished with school. And what of the Pochette Accessoires, celebrated since 1992? Well, it has graduated to full handbag status with an oh-so-subtle increase in size.

Look, no hands! With their extra-long (and conveniently removable) shoulder straps, the Alma BB and the Monceau BB are just begging to be slung across your body with a casual, carefree air. The Pochette Accessoires, meanwhile, will be content simply to swing along by your side as you stride through the streets. Be a free spirit!

Think small is insignificant? Think again! While the originals were naturally first created in Monogram canvas, the new mini icons make a maxi impact in bright and beautiful colours of cult Epi and Monogram Vernis leathers. Spice up your life with Piment or Vert Olive, or take a rosy view in shades through vintage Rose Velours to vivid Rose Indien and vibrant Fuchsia. The Monceau BB even dares to remove the monogram from Monogram Vernis, the better to show off its graphic retro shape.

On the subject of miniature marvels, check out the cute and covetable small leather goods that are made to match your chosen icon. A special mention goes to the new Marie-Lou wallet, with its fabulous, first-time-ever combo of Monogram canvas and colorful Epi leather.

Diminutive, certainly. Desirable, definitely. Small is beautiful with the new mini icons in Epi and Monogram Vernis by Louis Vuitton.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Nicky

    When are they out

  • Nicky

    When are they out? I want one

  • Lynnie

    Oh my gosh these bags are gorgeous! Don’t think my wallet would agree.

  • Is there any discount now?I like the pink one so mcuh!