Louis Vuitton Summer 2013 Collection

Happy 2013 everyone! Spring isn’t even here yet but here’s something to look forward to… Introducing Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2013 collection.

The sun-drenched colours of the Mediterranean were the inspiration for Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2013 collection. The infinite blue of a cloudless sky, the domed roof of a Greek island chapel. The immaculate white of a painted wall, against which the deep pink of a trailing bougainvillea appears still more dazzling. Blue, white, pink – an evocative combination, fresh and frank, to accompany the long, hot days of summer in the city or by the sea.

Two celebrated shapes – the Noé and the Neverfull – dominate the collection’s leather goods. The twist is that, just for the season, these two icons become one. The result is the extraordinary Noéfull: pull its drawstring, and it looks for all the world like the bucket-shaped Noé; release it, and it morphs into the Neverfull, ready to hold your beach essentials or accompany you on a shopping spree. In Monogram denim or the season’s star Ikat flower-print canvas in blue, old rose or vivid pink, the stylish, versatile Noéfull captures the carefree, easy elegance of summer.

Not to be outdone, the original Neverfull in Monogram canvas – which, in its largest size, has established a reputation as the chicest bag on the beach – is for the first time reinterpreted with colourful leather trim. Bright pink or blue replace the familiar natural cowhide – a transformation completed by the matching Ikat floral lining and vintage-style décor vaunting Louis Vuitton’s articles de voyage.

Extravagantly, exuberantly, the season’s Ikat flowers spill over from leather goods – they also cover Monogram Vernis – to accessories. They blossom on airy silk scarves, cool cotton pareos, soft beach towels and even on the feminine pump, a highlight of the shoe collection, which also spotlights relaxed flat sandals or rope-heeled wedges trimmed with pink or blue Monogram Denim. Balancing the collection’s lavish print, Summer 2013 ready-to-wear features simple yet essential shapes in immaculately plain silk, crepe or cotton in pink, white and blue. Dresses, in particular, reprise iconic Louis Vuitton styles – notably the coiffeuse dress from Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2003 alongside the kind of crisp shifts forever associated with Jackie O., whose legendary elegance was an inspiration for this collection.

Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2013 Collection is set to be released on April 2013. Discover the accessories here: Louis Vuitton Summer 2013 Accessories Collection.


Images via Louis Vuitton

High waist beach skirts will look elegant if matched with soft strapless tops.


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