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Louis Vuitton Venice Maison: Charm Venezia

For each major opening event, there is a new charm. To celebrate Venice Maison, Louis Vuitton has created a limited-edition carnival mask charm. A fine example of jewellery art, in […]

Louis Vuitton Venice Maison: A Historical Site

Venice has always been a city dedicated to the arts, so it was no surprise that it quickly and fully embraced the seventh art, cinema. In 1932, the Serenissima invented […]

Louis Vuitton & Venice

Was Georges Vuitton inspired by the quatrefoils on the façade of the Palazzo Ducale when he designed the Monogram pattern? The question is still asked in the house. One thing […]

Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

On April 21st, 2013, next door to Piazza San Marco, the Louis Vuitton Venice Maison opened its doors to the public. Situated in the heart of the city, the Maison […]

Louis Vuitton Travel Accessories Storage Capacity

For a weekend or a long trip, each pouch epitomizes the brand’s travel spirit in its own way. Crafted with the highest standards, Louis Vuitton travel pouches allow travelers to […]

Louis Vuitton World Tour: The New World – North America

S T O P O V E R       N ˚ 20  The New World: North America   New York City, Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, […]

Art of Packing: Louis Vuitton Pégase

Fly light from a business lunch to a business meeting. Take a taxi, belongings to the side. Check the tickets in one glance. Go straight to boarding. Cross the airport without a sound, one hand on the cane handle, the other on the smartphone.

Harmony Trunk

Inspiration can come from anywhere. To create his music track “Harmony Trunk”, Al Doyle took inspiration from the sawing, hammering and cracking sounds from Louis Vuitton’s trunk-making process.