Art of Packing: Louis Vuitton Alzer


Travelling is an act.
Also an art, away to
‘pack up and go’ by
Louis Vuitton.


Leave, get some fresh air, lots of air even. The elsewhere, imagine it, see yourself there, be there. Breathe, inhale, observe, listen, land, open the suitcase, before going for it, that is… almost. Creases, crumples… A mix without a match.

As an apprentice, Louis Vuitton was specifically a trunk-maker and packer. He made boxes and sub-boxes to protect and keep the personal belongings of the semi-nomadic French Court, carefully wrapping them up to then unpack them easily. A trade engraved in the memory of the Maison.

Louis Vuitton keeps this art alive. This knowledge, like memories, floods back and leads to these “to do” packing lists for three breakaways based on three iconic pieces of luggage: a luxury tour in an Alzer, a business trip with a Pégase and a weekend away in a Keepall.

Three iconic reminders to travel… light.

A certain allure, a most certainly fine wardrobe, staff with white gloves, and so on. Excellence everywhere. Here, in Paris; there, in Venice, in Monaco, in New York. And even in-between. The journeys… Destinations chosen, open tickets in hand, 1st class of course and the luggage which follows. Monogram canvas, brass pieces, poplar and Okoumé frame. Sturdiness adds to its elegance and tradition. Louis Vuitton has the suitcase; high society cannot go without it.

The Alzer is a great chest. Reinforced locks, storage box and restraint straps. Most certainly for beautiful clothing… 1 raincoat, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 pair of trousers, 1 cardigan, 2 blouses, 1 shawl, underwear, stockings, socks, 1 pair of high-heeled shoes, 1 pair of flat shoes, 1 belt, 1 toilet bag, 1 cosmetics bag, 1 jewelry box, 1 bracelet case: Madam is going to enjoy herself, if her belongings are all tidied beforehand…


N°1 – Place the separate compartment to one side and unstrap the Alzer.
N°2 – In the bottom of the suitcase, opposite the handle, place the heaviest objects: toilet bag, jewellery box, bracelet case, cosmetic pouch, etc.
N°3 – Insert the shoes, stuffed with silk paper, pairs separated, with covers on. Fill in the spaces left empty with underwear, stockings, socks and the belt rolled up on itself.
N°4 – Cover with the raincoat, open, with collar raised. Inside, place the trousers folded flat with the waist and legs protruding. On top, stack the blouses top to toe and intertwined, collars raised, with alternate buttons done up. Fold down the waist and legs of the pants, then the sides and sleeves of the raincoat. Pull the straps over. In this way the most delicate items are protected.
N°5 – Put back the separate compartment and unstrap it.
N°6 – Lay the dress down flat, leaving the top in the compartment and the bottom overhanging. Fold the skirt in two across the width and place on top of the dress. Fold in the bottom of the dress against it.
N°7 – Fill the empty spaces with the cardigan rolled up on itself and the remaining accessories.
N°8 – Cover the top with the shawl, so as to be able to access it quickly, and strap.
N°9 – Close the Alzer and reassure Madam: her luggage is ready.
BONUS – To avoid any surprises in unpacking, open the Alzer in two stages: first the central lock, then the locks on the side.

1. Lay the dress down flat with the top in the suitcase and the bottom out of it.
2. Place for example a jacket on top, open, with collar raised. Fold in the sides then fold over the sleeves.
3. Fold in the bottom of the dress against the jacket.

1. Raise the collar of the blouse in order to protect it.
2. Do up every other button.
3. Fold it the usual way: in two, across the height with the collar visible and the sleeves folded in the back.

Images, Video via Louis Vuitton