Art of Packing: Louis Vuitton Keepall


Travelling is an act.
Also an art, away to
‘pack up and go’ by
Louis Vuitton.


Leave, get some fresh air, lots of air even. The elsewhere, imagine it, see yourself there, be there. Breathe, inhale, observe, listen, land, open the suitcase, before going for it, that is… almost. Creases, crumples… A mix without a match.

As an apprentice, Louis Vuitton was specifically a trunk-maker and packer. He made boxes and sub-boxes to protect and keep the personal belongings of the semi-nomadic French Court, carefully wrapping them up to then unpack them easily. A trade engraved in the memory of the Maison.

Louis Vuitton keeps this art alive. This knowledge, like memories, floods back and leads to these “to do” packing lists for three breakaways based on three iconic pieces of luggage: a luxury tour in an Alzer, a business trip with a Pégase and a weekend away in a Keepall.

Three iconic reminders to travel… light.

“Keeps all”. By Nature. Here, the Keepall unfolds and “zip” fills up; there, “zip” it opens, empties and folds up. Between the two, an outwards jour- ney in a flash for a trip, planned or not, alone or for two. Whatever, soft, light, elegant, with a large volume, this classic goes everywhere, even in the overhead compartment! “Keeps all”. By excellence. Monogram canvas, natural cowhide, yellow linen thread, golden brass… Welcome aboard Air Louis Vuitton! “Keeps all”. Beyond fashions.

The Keepall? One Monogram canvas, two handles, carry-on size. Practical elegance. Easy to pick up, zip up, unzip, squeeze in. And to fill? 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress, 2 light jumpers, 1 cardigan, underwear, socks, 2 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 belts, 1 toilet bag, 1 cosmetics bag, 1 jewellery bag, 1 three watch case? Easy, on condition you follow the instructions…


N°1 – Cover the bottom of the Keepall with the jeans, folded in two or three, depending on the size of the bag.
N°2 – On top of it, at each end, place on pair of trainers, tip to toe, and shoes, separating the pairs, with light shoe- trees inserted or stuffed with silk paper and protective covers on.
N°3 – Place the toilet bag, cosmetics bag, jewellery bag, and three watch case between them.
N°4 – Fill the empty spaces left with underwear, socks and belts rolled up on themselves.
N°5 – Cover with the jumpers, cardigan and dress rolled up on themselves.
N°6 – Close the Keepall with a “zip” and leave!
BONUS – When shopping, the Keepall is a must. Carried in another bag on the way there and held in the hand on the way back. To do this, unzip it a little to flatten it better. Turn it over and bring in the tops of the sides towards the inside. Fold once again, still towards the centre of the back of the bag. Turn it over, handles upwards, and stow it in a bigger bag.

1. Lay the jeans down flat with legs open, stitching facing outwards, pockets flat on the back.
2. Bring in the legs one on top of the other.
3. Fold the jeans lengthways in two or three, so it takes up as much as possible of the bottom of the Keepall.

1. Lay the jumper down flat, collar on top. Fold the sleeves in.
2. Roll it over on itself, from the collar to the bottom.
3. Roll it over on itself again from left to right as needed.

Images, Video via Louis Vuitton