Art of Packing: Louis Vuitton Pégase


Travelling is an act.
Also an art, away to
‘pack up and go’ by
Louis Vuitton.


Leave, get some fresh air, lots of air even. The elsewhere, imagine it, see yourself there, be there. Breathe, inhale, observe, listen, land, open the suitcase, before going for it, that is… almost. Creases, crumples… A mix without a match.

As an apprentice, Louis Vuitton was specifically a trunk-maker and packer. He made boxes and sub-boxes to protect and keep the personal belongings of the semi-nomadic French Court, carefully wrapping them up to then unpack them easily. A trade engraved in the memory of the Maison.

Louis Vuitton keeps this art alive. This knowledge, like memories, floods back and leads to these “to do” packing lists for three breakaways based on three iconic pieces of luggage: a luxury tour in an Alzer, a business trip with a Pégase and a weekend away in a Keepall.

Three iconic reminders to travel… light.

Fly light from a business lunch to a business meeting. Take a taxi, belongings to the side. Check the tickets in one glance. Go straight to boarding. Cross the airport without a sound, one hand on the cane handle, the other on the smartphone. Unpack the clothes in a “zip” in the bedroom: first the suit from its removable cover; then the V-neck cashmere jumper; and then the shirts, collars to fold down…

The Pégase takes off; rolls; stands back (the telescopic handle obliges it); is carried by the sides; displays its Monogram canvas and transports, of course. What? For example: 1 jacket, 1 suit, 1 pair of jeans, 1 jumper, 1 shirt, 1 polo shirt, 2 t-shirts, underwear, socks, 1 pair of gloves, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 belt, ties and their case, 1 Louis Vuitton City Guide European Cities boxed set, 1 toilet bag and some accessories (shoe care kit, watch, bow ties, diary, iPad case, etc). To be tidied with art…


N°1 – Arrange the shoes at the bottom and the top of the Pégase, separating the pair, with light shoetrees inserted and protective covers put on.
N°2 – Place between them the Louis Vuitton City Guide boxed set, the toilet bag, the shoe care kit and the belt rolled up on itself.
N°3 – Fill in the empty spaces with under- wear, socks and gloves.
N°4 – On the wheeled side, stack the shirts and polo shirt top to toe and intertwi- ned, collars raised, with every other button done up.
N°5 – Further up, arrange the t-shirts and jumper rolled up on themselves as well as the ties in their case.
N°6 – Insert the accessories (watch, bow ties, etc).
N°7 – Cover with the jeans, then the jacket folded in the usual way: in two across the height with the collar visible and the sleeves folded in the back.
N°8 – Place the complete suit in its cover. Fold it in three over itself and attach it to the flap of the Pégase. Close the suitcase.
N°9 – Slip the diary and iPad case into the patch zipped pocket on the front. Check the taxi reservation number and confirm your departure is on time.
BONUS – Protective covers, to slide along the side handle which guarantee the Pégase and its contents will remain intact.

1. Raise the collar of the shirt to protect it.
2. Do up every other button.
3. Fold it the usual way: in two, across the height with the collar visible and the sleeves folded in the back.
4. Stack two shirts, top to toe, to avoid creases.

1. Lay the trousers down flat, legs folded in the usual way.
2. Place the outside trouser leg in the coat hanger. Fold it in two around the crotch.
3. Place the inside leg in the same coat hanger, and fold it identically, towards the waist of the trousers.
4. Hang the jacket on the coat hanger.
5. Place the complete suit in its cover.

Images, Video via Louis Vuitton