Harmony Trunk

Al Doyle, from London group Hot Chip, shades a new light on Louis Vuitton’s ateliers in Asnières by turning the sounds of the craftsmen at work into an intriguing musical track.

When he is not in studio with Hot Chip or touring the world with the now retired LCD Soundsystem ensemble, Al Doyle is always involved in surprising projects of his own. One the most unexpected ventures being the reinterpretation of the sounds recorded while crafting one of their legendary trunks in Louis Vuitton’s workshop.

While the musical result is sophisticated and elegant in the vein of current electronic productions, it retains a smooth and intimate ambiance, very distinctive of the Parisian workshop. Nearly all the sounds in the track are made from the source material: background textures, sawing sounds, sawhorse installations, etc… All these gestures from traditional savoir-faire are here magnified and displayed in a very different context. From one cultural environment to another, will you be able to recognize the work of our craftsmen within this musical structure?

Video via Louis Vuitton