Louis Vuitton: Going with the Flow

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has explored new frontiers and pushed the limits of innovation. A pioneering spirit defines its history and technological advances in the transportation system fired the imagination of the House. While a transportation revolution was taking place, Louis Vuitton was already anticipating the needs of the next generation of travelers, always creating state-of-the-art luggage pieces such as the 1854 trunk made of waterproof-treated canvas or today’s Zephyr.

Why travel? To marvel at the beauties of the world, to encounter our fellow human beings — and ultimately to discover ourselves.

In 1834, at the tender age of 13, Louis Vuitton embarked on his own voyage of discovery, leaving his native Jura mountains for Paris, the capital of possibility. The two years he spent on the road made him a daring and determined man, convinced that his destiny was written in that first founding journey. Since 1854, therefore, the Maison that bears his name has ceaselessly redefined the art of traveling in style, and celebrated wanderlust in all its forms.

If, in the words of the writer and diplomat Paul Morand, “To master the art of travel, one must possess the science of harmonies”, the creations of Louis Vuitton over the past 160 years do indeed resemble a symphony. From the first flat-top trunks inspired by the transportation revolution of the 19th century to the elegant new trolley cases of the 2013 collection, Louis Vuitton continues to forge ahead, drawing on its extraordinary history and heritage to unite both past and present.

For the traveler, each object holds within it the promise of escape. Time takes on the hues of unexplored landscapes, and every piece of luggage recounts the legend of the Maison, where respect for tradition, pride in flawless craftsmanship, and a certain idea of elegance go hand-in-hand with modernity, creativity, and innovation.

Video via Louis Vuitton