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In the Reflection of the Lens

In this short film directed by KT Auleta and shot in Los Angeles, Louis Vuitton presents the Spring/Summer Sunglasses collection for women. Behind the wheel, the collection is presented in […]

Behind the Lens

Paris may be the ‘city of lights’, yet, Los Angeles could be labeled the city of ‘light’. The natural light in this city is very particular and resonates beautifully on […]

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013 Bag Names and Prices

The silhouette of the Pre-Fall 2013 collection is based on the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion looks. It retains the same elongated lines, combined with different lengths, but maredly and purely reminiscent […]

Louis Vuitton Trang Tien Plaza, Hanoi

Louis Vuitton continues its journey in Vietnam by unveiling the latest store at Trang Tien Plaza, one of Hanoi’s most prestigious malls. While staying true to the Malletier’s heritage of […]

Louis Vuitton W Bag Collection

The innovative new Louis Vuitton bag is shaking up the House’s graphic vocabulary. Its tight lines, suggesting the penmanship of a W, outline a three-part body, which is enhanced by […]

Confessions of a Keepall

When you’re the original 24-hour bag, an overnight stay is your raison d’être. Even when you’re full or overflowing, you still have space for a memory or two. Trust me, […]

Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection

From Parnassus, the mythical dwelling place of the muses, the new Louis Vuitton Parnasséa leather goods collection has inherited the beauty of its forms, the perfection of its materials and […]

Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Regatta

In 2010, Louis Vuitton offered a novel way of reading the time with the Tambour Spin Time collection. Its secret: the hours are revealed by cubes which rotated simultaneously to […]