Louis Vuitton Shoe-ting

On the occasion of the opening of the Louis Vuitton Venice Maison, the House showcases the new Fall-Winter 2013 shoes in their original setting.

It is here, in the Veneto region, at Manufactures de Souliers in Fiesso d’Artico, that Louis Vuitton shoe collections have been crafted since 1998. And it is here, in the heart of the City of the Doges, that the finest leatherwork and shoemaking skills, renowned worldwide, were born more than seven centuries ago. From the back streets to the canals, you are invited to take part in a treasure hunt in search of the Calegheris, the city’s artisan shoemakers. The aesthete Venice is the birthplace of the finest shoes, but also of the most ornate creations resulting from a skill that has always been reinvented, and continues to do so today. You will now discover Louis Vuitton’s latest designs in an inventive hanging display – a trail of beautiful objects that will lead you around this inspiring city permanently in motion. You will also explore the history of these craftsmen and their skills, sculpted on the walls of the city’s churches and palaces over the centuries. Between yesterday and today, between memory and creation, this is a fascinating journey through our collections, the bold creativity that inspires them, and the skills that shape them.

Images via Jamie Rubiano / Louis Vuitton


  • Yulya

    These shoes are cryin’
    These shoes have seen a lot of loves
    But their never gonna see another one like I had with you
    Baby, baby, baby, baby
    Don’t ya know these shoes are cryin’ every night
    I need you back in my heart…