Louis Vuitton x Eine: Neon Giant Square

For Fall/Winter 2013, Louis Vuitton has invited three new international street artists – Eko Nugroho from Indonesia, EINE from the United Kingdom and Franco-Tunisian eL Seed – to bring their vision to bear on its emblematic Giant Silk Square. This latest collaboration continues Louis Vuitton’s world tour of the buzzing street scene, which began last season with AIKO, RETNA, and Os Gemeos – themselves following in a tradition of partnerships with contemporary artists, including Stephen Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, and Richard Prince.

Louis Vuitton x Eine Great Adventures Neon Giant Square

The Neon Giant Square is the result of a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and British street artist Eine, who has taken inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s heritage to express the excitement of travel in bold neon-like letters forming the words ‘Great Adventures’ on a dramatic black background. ‘Great Adventures’ illustrates “how I feel, every time you get off a plane in a new city, it is the beginning of an adventure, all about new encounters,” says Eine. The square’s generous size allows it to be worn in many different ways, while its luxurious silk georgette fabric is ideal for all seasons.

In celebration of this partnership, Eine, who was born in 1970 and now works predominantly in East London, will decorate Louis Vuitton’s new pop-up store, which will feature clothing by the brand. In the past, Louis Vuitton has had successful projects with artists like Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince to name a few.

The square measures 53.5″ x 53.5″, made from 100% silk, and hand-finished with rolled edges. Available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$795.

About Eine

Ben EINE is one of London’s most prolific original street artists. Having started his career over twenty five years ago he has toned and developed his unique style into something which has been described as “the Fiona Rae of graffiti and spray paint”.

EINE is a renowned London based ‘writer’ who specializes in the central element of all graffiti – the letter. From single letters to complex and wry combinations, EINE’s alphabet can be found throughout London. Huge individual letters on shop shutters, in a style he has made his own. EINE’s letters transgress the usual stylized image devised to depict form and emotion and through a combination of color, placement and size become fully formed and unique personalities in their own right.

EINE, like all good street artists, has found in the culture of writing, a way to not only utilize the City as a stage, but also as a medium. The City has always influenced the form and architecture of writing, EINE’s concept of using shop fronts to advertise nothing but his ‘letters’ is a stroke of genius that is often goes uncredited. Instantly recognizable by passers by, these shop front letters serve as a reminder that writing is art.


  • Max Chenevert