First Look: L’Invitation au Voyage Ad Campaign featuring David Bowie

The sequel to last year’s Louis Vuitton L’Invitation Au Voyage campaign is set to be released on 10 November 2013 in which model Arizona Muse’s hot air balloon lands in Venice’s Piazza San Marco and ends up being serenaded by none other than David Bowie in a magnificent palazzo.

In this new set of media campaigns, David Bowie performs a unique version of “I’d Rather Be High” while playing the harpsichord. The short film directed by Romain Gavras will be unveiled via a new app called Louis Vuitton Pass on 7 November, with print ads and television commercials to debut on 10 November, and lastly cinema ads at the end of November.

“The film is all about traveling through time, and sharing an incredible moment,” said Frederic Winckler, Louis Vuitton Vuitton’s communication and events director. The transporting clip sees David Bowie’s tune become the soundtrack to a sumptuous and fantastical ball — before Arizona Muse opens her eyes to an empty room and departs, this time on an ancient Chinese boat.

The new campaign features Louis Vuitton Vuitton’s new Vivienne bag, from which Arizona Muse retrieves a musical score as the only evidence of her musical adventure in Venice. She also wears Monogram Idylle gold jewelry and an outfit from its Icons collection. David Bowie meanwhile sports a new interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s Tambour watch.

The new app called Louis Vuitton Pass allows consumers to scan an icon with a smartphone or tablet to access additional content, including making-of films — and a world exclusive of the new campaign. The short film and making-of are to be posted on YouTube and Vuitton’s Web site on Nov. 8.

Louis Vuitton L'Invitation Au Voyage David Bowie

Images via Louis Vuitton