Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton Window Display at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Sofia Coppola designed the iconic Louis Vuitton bag that bears her name back in 2009 – a practical, understated accessory that gave her everything she wanted from a bag. This season sees the introduction of the smallest version of the SC bag, the ‘BB’. The SC bag will be featured in all of the windows of Le Bon Marché – one of Sofia Coppola’s favourite stores in Paris. This is the first time that the iconic French department store has devoted all its windows to a Louis Vuitton project.

The filmmaker lent her cinematic vision to the design of the window displays, which echo the hot colours that the SC bag is available in this season. It was Sofia’s desire to create a mood that is bright, joyful, light and girly, with plenty of fluorescent pink, hearts, flowers and fawns.

This exuberance comes to the windows of Le Bon Marché in the form of shiny heart-shaped shiny balloons bursting with happiness, ripe, abundant harvests of glossy, juicy cherries, neon-strip heart shapes and supersized peonies – Sofia’s favourite flower – their overlaid shades of shocking pink offset against the more sober background of Louis Vuitton Monogram. In among these giant hearts, cherries and flowers gambols a playful young deer carrying a brightly coloured SC bag.

‘I wanted the windows to reflect things I liked’ Sofia explains, and this idea that the bag is a gift you get yourself, something fun, where you get to express your feminine side. We just talked about things I liked in this mood: I love neon and hearts, and I have a photo of a baby deer that I love. I wanted the windows to feel personal, connected to me and that women would enjoy’.

Sofia specified that the hearts, balloons and cherries should be as large as possible, giving them a fairytale dimension and emphasising the youthfulness and innocence of the fawn that springs among them. Their size and scale also serves to highlight the practical compactness of the SC bag’s new ‘BB’ size.

The Louis Vuitton and Sofia Coppola windows will be on display at Le Bon Marché from 21 September to 26 October 2013. During this period, in addition to all of the new colors, a model in dark cobalt with fuchsia piping will be available exclusively at Le Bon Marché.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Angie

    Can you tell me what size is that light purple SC? Is it a PM or BB?

    • Hi Angie, I think it’s a BB.

  • Sara Clarke

    Louis Vuitton does everything the best way. lmmaculate. Drove 11 hours to Paris last December to view the windows at Galeries Lafayette. Will definately go again for these!

  • Jennifer Ruth Casanova

    What is the name of the blue one? I want it! 🙂

  • Agnes

    Infantile. Bad taste, Deer taking skin bag ? In my perception is just like smiling pig at the butcher window. Sorry, I don’t like it.

    • T Sutton

      I agree about the bags but the display is amazing. Take away the skin of a slaughtered animal and it is devine!