Louis Vuitton L’Invitation au Voyage – Venice: The Campaign

L’Invitation Au Voyage – Venice is the second chapter in an intriguing and moving story from Louis Vuitton. Drama and fantasy come together to create tension in an allegory of travel, inviting those who see it to become master of their own destiny. A Venetian adventure has a surprise, both for its female protagonist, and its spectators. The story shifts from the first chapter’s journey through the air to traveling through time.

Arizona Muse, combining elegance and confidence, asserts her spirit of adventure as she arrives in Venice in the dead of night. Astonished by a music coming from a magnificent palazzo, she strides through the archways of the Piazza San Marco and open the doors confidently.

David Bowie is sitting at a harpsichord. Their eyes meet. Enthralled by her beauty and elegance, the musician plays a unique version of “I’d Rather Be High” on the harpsichord, it seems to have been written just for her. The music works its magic; suddenly Arizona is surrounded by a whole cast of characters, each more extravagant than the next, appearing to emerge from a dream.

These characters form a scene reminiscent of timeless Venetian cinematography. Arizona Muse is clearly very moved by the experience. The young woman closes her eyes. If it is a dream, she is engraving the memory in the very depths of her soul.

When she opens her eyes again, the music has stopped. It is daytime. All the characters have disappeared. David Bowie is no longer there. Arizona pulls a musical score from her Vivienne bag; the only evidence of the incredible experience that the two of them have shared.

Her boldness has allowed her to experience an extraordinary adventure; a waking dream. She leaves, fulfilled by what has happened, and heads towards her destiny: as an ancient Chinese boat awaits her on the lagoon.

The Characters

Arizona Muse characterises the Louis Vuitton woman, one who takes her destiny into her own hands. She strides out to invite exhilarating fate into her life. She doesn’t hesitate and heads straight into an uplifting and unique experience. Her boldness is rewarded by a unique adventure that awakes a desire to travel further. She moves into an unknown world with natural grace; her poise and self-confidence are surprising. She is a modern explorer; she expresses her freedom through her choices. She shows that it is possible to lead an exciting life without sacrificing identity or integrity.

David Bowie is a versatile artist with a unique personality. Since the beginning of his career he has never ceased to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction, rock and pop, masculine and feminine, flamboyance and apocalypse. Like the Maison Louis Vuitton, he spans eras, ages and generations, venturing further and further into the unknown. The inventor of Ziggy Stardust, his imaginary clone, he is unafraid of ‘killing off’ his characters as he progresses in his quest for new challenges. His work covers every creative field (music, cinema, radio, mime) and he plays many instruments. In every field, he always manages to surprise his audience.

David Bowie made his mark early in his career through his artistic dramatizations, creation of characters and fiction in his own distinctive style. This glam-chic dandy is known for his magnetism and striking profile, which seems to defy the passing of time. Like Louis Vuitton, he draws his inspiration from an inexhaustible curiosity for every culture, the better to explore musical styles.

Film Soundtrack

Specially re-orchestrated for this campaign by David Bowie, the song “I’d Rather Be High” from his latest album is also available on the Louis Vuitton Pass app.

Revisited icons

Arizona Muse is carrying the Vivienne bag, from the Parnassea collection. Dressed out in black calf box leather and signed with golden LV initials, it is a symbol of Louis Vuitton’s exceptional savoir-faire. Arizona is also wearing a Monogram Idylle 3 gold necklace and a Lockit bracelet in pink gold.

David Bowie is wearing a Tambour Evolution watch, a new interpretation of Tambour with an audacious, urban and modern style.

Watch the Louis Vuitton L’Invitation au Voyage – Venice: The Film.

Images via Louis Vuitton


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