Louis Vuitton Celebrating Monogram: Marc Newson

Marc Newson

Six renowned and creative iconoclasts have each been given carte blanche to create a personally inspired bag and/or a piece of luggage, using the iconic MONOGRAM while keeping with the brand’s spirit of innovation, collaboration and daring. Spanning, blurring and redefining the disciplines of art, architecture and design, this diverse and extraordinary group has created a unique collection. Discover Marc Newson.

Fleece Pack Marc Newson
12.2″ X 19″ X 8.5″
Colors: Orange, Beige, Blue
Price: US$5900

Acclaimed as the most influential industrial designer of his generation, Marc Newson’s work ranges from concept jets to jewellery. When he accepted the invitation to join “Celebrating Monogram” project, he set out to create a truly functional object; the result is this pure, sculptural backpack. Monogram canvas provides structure (the bag can stand on its own, without losing its shape) while soft shearling lends comfort and accents the biomorphic shape. Inside, the roomy central space and a host of pockets keep belongings organised. Also available in Blue and Beige.

Marc Newson – Biography


Initially studying sculpture and jewellery design before being self taught in industrial design, Marc Newson’s route might be seen to have contributed to his iconoclastic approach and the embracing of a distinctly personal design signature.

Now, widely acknowledged as the most influential industrial designer of his generation, Marc Newson has worked in numerous industries ranging from aerospace and technology to furniture and fashion.

Instinctively and personally driven in his approach, iconoclastically collapsing the boundaries between disciplines and idiosyncratically embracing a wide range of design work as a totality, Marc Newson could be seen as a unique figure in his field.

His Lockheed Lounge piece, initially made when the designer was only 23 years old and had just graduated, has gone on to become one of the true design icons of our era.

Marc Newson – Inspiration

I design things that fundamentally I would like to own. Most of the time I am presented with a very defined task. This time I ultimately thought of the typology myself: a backpack.

I set about trying to collate all of my experiences over the years of owning a backpack. I wanted to concentrate all of the features that I love and try and put them into the piece. Making the thing stand up for example was very important, I hate when you wear a backpack, take it off and it just falls over. This bag has a structure inside to enable it to stand.

I wanted to explore the Monogram functional qualities. If you go back to the reason why the Monogram canvas was invented, it’s because it’s durable and it’s weather proof. In the bag it performs a very specific function; I deliberately used it around the base so it almost became like a tyre on a car, or a sole on a shoe. Obviously you still see it, but it has a purpose.

I wanted it to be fun as well—I don’t like when things take themselves too seriously. I want objects that put a smile on people’s faces, make them laugh and question their own seriousness. I used a textile that juxtaposed the utility of the Monogram with something more light-hearted, that’s why I chose to use the furry sheepskin. It’s cuddly and warm and comes in bright colors, but it is also durable and like a pillow; if I ever want to prop the bag up and have a snooze I can.

Images via Louis Vuitton