Unboxing Louis Vuitton Punching Bag Karl Lagerfeld

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Punching Bag Karl Lagerfeld

Written by Charles Gross – This handbag was an absolute nightmare to get, but so worth it. I reserved the bag back in August. When I called they told me I was on a wait list and that my nomination had to be sent to a council in Paris where they would decide who gets one of the 100 units. I was being updated every other day, it was a very stressful process because they don’t tell you how they decide who gets the bag!

In September I got a call from a wonderful associate in San Francisco who said that I had be elected to get one of the units. They took a deposit and held my bag until the 15th of October when they charged the full amount and shipped the bag.

The bag came in a Limited Edition Shopping bag with LV monogram paper inside. The dust bag is gorgeous, it is a dark green with leather reinforced corners. The front says K.L on it in Grey. Included is a luggage tag in monogram canvas that can be attached to the dust bag. I also got 2 books and a lock and key set. The bag is much bigger than I thought. It can easily fit your daily essentials. To give an idea of size: you can fit a small dog inside! Wallet, water, umbrella, phone, agenda, kids stuff, and a book will easily fit inside.

The monogram canvas is slightly glossier than the normal canvas LV uses. The vachetta leather trim is pre aged as is the hardware. The hardware is a matte bronze looking metal that is very heavy. Every single piece of hardware is stamped with LOUIS VUITTON and hand screwed into the bag. The inside features a large zip pocket and a small slip pocket. The bottom of the bag has a secret pocket. The underside of the bag features details of Monogram patchwork that allows for the curved silhouette.

The handles are both stamped with ® Louis Vuitton Made in Paris .

This bag is truly gorgeous, a simple silhouette and a clean casual appeal. I can see it draped over the shoulder of a mom at a green market, or the hallowed hand of a model hailing a cab. Dress it up, add a clochette, its perfect. The other sizes from the Karl Lagerfeld Line are HUGE! I mean body bag huge lol.

Overall a wonderful bag, and incredible presentation.

Video via Charles Gross