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Bengt Blog

Heya! So I’ve been blogging about Louis Vuitton for 6 months now and I can’t believe it! It’s been 6 months but it felt like yesterday. I still remember writing […]

I LVOE LV’s New Look

I haven’t planned this renovation at all. I just got tired of the old I LVOE LV template and felt that the blog deserves to have a new look! So […]

Suggest Stuff You Want to Know

Hi! I really feel ill today and I think I’m gonna have a fever. I didn’t have enough sleep this week because of the exams. Urgh, tough times. My head […]

Plasterdoll – Where Fashion Meets Art

I just came home from the university and I’m so tired. Our Database class was just so urgh. Anyway, I’ve got something to tell you guys! I’ve found a very […]

I Made Another Blog!

I would just like to tell you that I just made another blog last night! Yay, I’m so happy ‘coz it’s really hard for me to make a new one […]