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Louis Vuitton Jokes Mancrazy

Nah, It’s confirmed! I’m diagnosed with ‘End of the Season Syndrome‘. It really sucks coz in the past few months, I’ve been ignoring the Spring 08 bags coz I was […]

Ashlee Simpson and Ruffa Gutierrez are Mancrazy

Who wears the Mancrazy better? Ashlee Simpson or Ruffa Gutierrez? Who who?! Comment in who’s werking it! Learn more about the Mancrazy and other Monogram Jokes Bags here! Technorati Tags: […]

Louis Vuitton Monogram Jokes Pumps

If you ever thought that the Jokes only come in bags, well you’re wrong! Let me introduce the Louis Vuitton Pumps in Monogram Jokes Canvas. These pumps are made from […]

Louis Vuitton Monogram Jokes Bags

Others may not find it funny but the Monogram Jokes bags are absolutely hilarious. The Jokes bags are basically monogram bags that had been stained by acid and paint and […]