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Louis Vuitton L’Aime du Voyage: Massai Set

The Massai set from Louis Vuitton’s L’Aime du Voyage collection is the most extravagant of all sets. Its named after the indigenous semi-nomadic African tribe, and gives honor to the […]

Louis Vuitton L’Aime du Voyage: Geisha Set

Taking inspiration from the Japanese performers with the fusion of sakura, lotus plants, fans and umbrellas, and the elaborate architectural designs by Bildarchiv Monheim, the Geisha is an elaborate 8-piece […]

Louis Vuitton L’Aime du Voyage: Cabaret Set

Another set from Vuitton’s L’Aime du Voyage Haute Joaillerie collection is the Cabaret. This is the French stop to the voyage, inspired by the swirls and twirls, twisters and blue […]