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LVoe Letter #32: Tasha LVoes LV!

Here’s the first LVoe Letter of 2010 from my dear Twitter friend Tasha. She recently bought her adorable ballerinas and is currently building up her collection as something unfortunate happened […]

LVoe Letter #31: bird_n_tree LVoe LV!

I am in love with this bunch! Here is bird_n_tree’s third LVoe Letter and its still as impressive as the other two (1st, 2nd). This set comprises stunning pieces such […]

I LVOE LV LVoe Letters: Video N˚1

Send yours now! 🙂 Video via Bengt for I LVOE LV / Music: Lex by Ratatat (XL Recordings)

LVoe Letter #30: Angel LVoes LV! Part 2!

You may remember Angel’s LVoe Letter that was posted last month. The collection was amazing but the photo is a bit dark and we can’t see the pieces clearly. So […]

LVoe Letter #29: Jesse LVoes LV!

This LVoe Letter brings cheers from Riverside in Southern California, USA. It features Jesse’s collection which mostly consists of Damier pieces (in Azur, Graphite and Ebene) and other sweet pieces […]

LVoe Letter #28: Contessa LVoes LV!

Contessa from New York sends us her LVoe Letter showing her beloved Louis Vuitton collection which consists of classic and iconic pieces in Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur canvas, […]

LVoe Letter #27: Marcelo LVoes LV!

Big cheers to Marcelo, the first LVoe Letter sender from Brazil! Marcelo, 18 years old from Brazil has bought his Monogram Zippy Coin Purse six months ago at Vuitton’s [sic] […]

LVoe Letter #26: Isa LVoes LV!

This LVoe Letter is all about seasonal and limited editions. Sent by Isa from Belgium, she sent this LVoe Letter right when her Mon Monogram Speedy arrived. I totally love […]