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Gossip Girl: Chasing Dorota

Gossip Girl’s lovable character, Waldorf Housekeeper Dorota has her own mini-episodes and I really want to watch it. But from what I’ve read online, the mini-episodes are available only to […]

Valley Girls

Teenage Lily with her Vuitton luggage. I’ve been really excited about Valley Girls, the pre-finale episode of Gossip Girl which aired on Monday, 8/7c on The CW. It was a […]

Spot the LV: Am I In Love?

“You can see kisses anywhere in Rome Italy.” I’ve been photo-hopping at Flicker and I found this uber romantic photo from OutFocus’ photostream. I literally stopped doing everything and just […]

Spot the LV: V #55

This photo is from an editorial in V Magazine’s September/October 2008 issue. When I first saw this, I haven’t noticed that there’s a hidden LV! And OMG, I sounded like […]

Spot the LV: You Know Me Better Music Video

Here’s the music video of You Know Me Better from Róisín Murphy’s second solo album Overpowered. So watcha waitin’ for? Watch the video and find the LV! Can’t find it? […]