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Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole: New Colors

The ever chic Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole has been recently updated with new colors for Fall/Winter 2011: Camel (Brown/Pink Leopard spots over Camel background), Marine (Red/Pink Leopard spots over Navy […]

Louis Vuitton Monogram Stars Stole and Beach Towel

I’m not really that much of a scarf person, but this one sure makes me consider wearing one. It’s the Louis Vuitton Monogram Stars Stole, inspired by the vintage all-American […]

Louis Vuitton Blurry Stole

Linked to the ready-to-wear paisley-like pattern, the Blurry Stole is not only aesthetically attractive but also an example of fine craftsmanship using the modern technology. To start off, the stole […]

Louis Vuitton Bubble Flower Stole

A perfect finishing touch to the most sophisticated evening looks, this exceptional Bubble Flower Stole is crafted from soft and luxurious mink fur that is embossed with Monogram flowers. Also, […]

Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Stole

Why? Why is this thingy really this cute? The Monogramouflage Stole is luring me into it’s military chic universe.. This luxurious cashmere and silk stole is printed with the edgy […]